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*A PDF of this Study Guide can be downloaded for free in the Free Resources tab.*  76-page Study Guide to accompany Biblical Creation Science 101 DVDs.  It is intended to help one learn and remember the main ideas from the videos.  It also provides a list of additional resources, for those who desire a more in-depth treatment of the topics covered in the videos.

For each lecture, the Study Guide includes:
1) A list of the main ideas;
2) A space for personal notes while viewing the DVDs;
3) A set of fill-in-the-blank questions;
4) A set of questions & comments for further thought & discussion;
5) A bibliography of resources for further study;
6) The answers to the questions.

For each Q & A session, the Study Guide lists the topics covered, and includes a space for personal notes while viewing them.

Biblical Creation Science 101 -- Study Guide

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