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We are living in an age when “the Christmas Season” is under attack.  But the truth is, “Jesus is the ONLY reason for the Season.”  This little booklet emphasizes that truth… not only during the month of December, but throughout the entire year.  It’s easy to squish “Christmas” into those few weeks between Thanksgiving and December 25th.  But the events surrounding Jesus’ birth took a few years to unfold – and included more months than just December.  This booklet does not claim to have exact dates for all of the events that are outlined in the first chapters of Luke and Matthew.  But using December 25th as the traditional day that Jesus’ birth is celebrated, and based on the fact that it takes a baby about nine months before it is ready to be born, rough estimates are made for 17 Christmas-related dates.  Each date becomes the theme of a short devotional.  Many Scripture references are included, for those who desire a more in-depth study.  Comb bound.  (Available on Kindle for $5.)

The Season of Christmas: Every Day of the Year

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