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It all began with four words: “debris on the grill.”  The analogy: “debris on the grill” is like “sin in my life.”  The reality, the implications, the fix – there are numerous parallels.  As the author looked at other aspects of car racing, she saw many other Biblical truths illustrated on the race track.  The end result: 31 racing parables – perfect for a one-month devotional booklet.  Each day (chapter) can be read in about five minutes, and is paired with at least two Bible references.  Racing vocabulary is defined, so the lessons are profitable even if one has never watched a race.  The goal of each day is to help the reader see how a particular Bible truth, when applied to real life, makes “the race” safer, faster, more fun, and easier to win.  Comb bound.  (Available on Kindle for $5.)

What God Taught Me Through Racing

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